It is Haleem here. So this is my first Proper website. I recently started to make Websites using HTML. I started to learn this in my Bedroom over the internet. And now here I am. Making my Own Site. I used to use the computer alot. And I mean alot. Then I got into the advanced part of it. Like being able to look inside, the PC and even watching my dad taking Parts out and putting new ones in. Then I moved to programming. So Here I am, talking to you via my Own Site. How cool is that. I never imagined I will be able to do something like this. So Cool! :D

So How did you Learn HTML?

Well, essientially I didn't start of with HTML straight away. I started with XHTML and CSS. XHTML, were the very Basics and something which I found necessary to know if I was going to make a site. It was like all about the text part of the site. The Information. Then CSS was making it all look pretty. Adding Images, Backgrounds, Colours , font text, and font colours. Stuff like that, I think you get what I mean. But I learned this from 2 places:

    This is a guide to HTML and CSS. It takes you from Begginers all the way till Advanced.
    This is a person who is on youtube who makes youtube tutorials on Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Computer Science. His Videos can also be accessed from his Website.

What experience do you have in the Computer World?

I used to use the PC for all the basics uses at a young age. Like Doing Homework, Watching Videos, Browsing the Internet and Playing Flash Games. Now, at the age of 14, here I am. Gaming on the PC, Scripting/Coding, Wanting to learn how Programmes Work, Seeing the inside of the PC and Knowing all the parts of the PC! Also, I got so intrested in programming that I went to my school's Head of I.T and asked here anything that she knows about Programming and if there was anything she could give me. I glad I did. She borrowed me a Java Book which is proving to be very useful.

For Reference: The Book is Called, Sams Teach Yourself Java.

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